Introduction Program

For those who are not religious and never had a desire to be religious before, this is an opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. As you open your minds and hearts to a healthier lifestyle understand what religion says about your body. It isn't what you think. Challenge yourself to ask questions, and we will work to get you REAL answers. Do you really believe that the Jesus Christ's teachings over centuries of teachings and countless pages in the Bible is limited to restricting you from fun and life? What does scripture, Jesus, and other religions say about the body, nutrition, and spirituality? 

The Goal is to keep it simple, open the door to get you started to an understanding (only if you want it – we will NOT shove religion down your throat, but we will open the door for you to walk through, IF you want it).

Once you are introduced to who Jesus Christ is (a divine being or a well respected teacher) then you can move on to more complex discussion in the Exposure Program where you will get answers to REAL questions and concerns like:

  1. Does the Bible really not talk about premarital sex?
  2. I didn't know overeating (gluttony) was discussed in the Bible hundreds of years ago before I was even born.
  3. Am I really a bad person, and will I ever be happy?
  4. How can someone like me even get to heaven if I don't even believe in God?
  5. What does the Bible say about the body?
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