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The members of the church regard themselves as members of the body of Christ, that is, members of the body of persons following the teachings of Christ. One God, One Body. Corporal and nutritive activities are utilized to provide an atmosphere to promote unity amongst the religious experience and to rehabilitate its community of followers back to faith and religion and to promote the education of supporting each other and treating each other the way we would wanted to be treated to develop the physical, social, emotional, and civic maturity needed to create wholesome members of the community within our congregation.

George C Hutchinson, Esq.
Church Director and key executive level decision maker on legal matters and other Church related needs.
Darnell Thompson, BA
Better known as Fit Flash is a Church Director and Senior Field Minister @Fit_Flash @ChurchOfFitnessAndNutrition
Ron J. Kort, MBA.
Church Director, Business Development Leader, and Field Minister.

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