Rehabilitation Program

Research studies have shown that there is rise and growing number of people that belong to no religion at all and that those belonging to a religion are steering away from religion because as they report it the disillusionment with internal church politicking, restrictive dogma, or institutional hypocrisy. Fewer and fewer people (a reported less than 50% of American adults) attend religious services only a few times a year.  This creates a distance between people and religion.  There is less attachment to something you are psychologically distant from.  By attending services less than a handful of times it evidences the lack of attachment to religion in modern day society.

Even Pope Francis, 82, made a name for himself with his more progressive, forward-thinking leanings. Speaking at the Vatican in 2018, he advocated for preventative lifestyle changes including physical activity, proper diet, and “respect for the ‘health codes’ practiced by the various religions.”

Society is looking for religious goals that are immediately attainable as they go through their physical life and have steered away from systems of faith that becomes questionable to them because they could only recognize their religious achievement after they are dead. Research studies help explain a spiritually driven community desire and the need for a religion to grasp logically realistic beliefs in today’s commonsensically conversant community.

As more and more people steer away from religion for one reason or another and steer more towards the gym or the beach for physical activity, we use these activities to provide an atmosphere to promote the religious experience.

Through our Fitness Religion we accommodate our parishioners’ beliefs rather than segregate from them and in turn through the diversity attached to it we help enhance the spiritual oneness with our One True God (our creator).

We rehabilitate those steering away from religion for one reason or another back to faith in context through a variety of methods designed to open up your mind and spirit to something more logical, believable, and attainable in this life. 

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